OK, I am not the fastest blogger in the world, gathered some stories in between and now I put them to light. Not sure, if I am able to stick to chronology, but we will see.

The usual suspects I and S met at St. Pancras station to conquer the city on this very day in history. Loot to be art, architecture, photos and food.

Victoria Miro – Yayoi Kusama

Being afraid that the waiting times on Saturday would be too horrendous, we spent a fortune on train tickets on a Friday.
Taking the tube to Old Street and hopping on a bus getting us closer to the venue in Wharf Road. Going too far, walking back and getting a nice Magnum ice lolly from a corner shop.

Arriving eventually, we could not miss it because there was already a queue of 50 people on the pavement leading to the gallery. It was all for “Chandelier of Grief”, an installation in a kubus box, only ten persons at a time could get into it – for a minute.
Nevertheless, it was quite impressive, although as usual other people were the disturbing factor.

Instead of queuing again for the pumpkin room, we decided to skip it and went to the yard at the back of the building with the mirror installations and the pond with swimming balls.

After a break and a stroll around the mirror box and along the pond, we went to the second and third floor with more art to enjoy.

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