Getting down to the river Thames from Waterloo Bridge, skimming the book sellers treasures for a while and then heading East.

A river in a bis city is always a nice feature: a lot of space and air quite in a town centre plot, nothing wrong with that.

More or less ancient lamp post
Dove and her friends having a chill
Let’s have a river stroll, we may find some treasures

Next, our attention was captured by posters attached at trees along the path. It was related to a highly controversial project which was started by Boris Johnson, when he was the Mayor of London: The Garden Bridge.

TCOS stands for Thames Central Open Spaces


So you can sign the petition like myself here to stop wasting more public money on a private partnership project with restricted public access.

Latest news from TCOS on Twitter.

Another Twitter account which also fights against this project is FollyForLondon and here is their website, A Bridge too far.

Latest press publications in the Guardian , the London Evening Standard and The Hindu

Not to be unfair, here you can connect with the Garden Bridge Trust via Twitter.

Oxo Tower Wharf

Always checking out new places we just sneaked outside the Tower Wharf complex.


We walked away from the river then, through rather boring streets with modern, sophisticated and bombastic buildings.

Some art outside an entrance


Getting back to the river front through this stylish reception hall, I think it was a fitness thingy. Anyway, it brought us back and we continued our walk towards our almost final destination.


Heading to the Tate Modern Switch House.