The Switch House, opened in June 2016, so it was all still very fresh when we arrived. As usual on weekends, it was bustling with people all around.

Anyway, the building is worth a glimpse and also the works which it hosts.

Here I got just a collection of snapshots from the outside, it is possible to take pictures inside. However, for copyright reasons I prefer not to post them. I was also lazy and did not scribble down the names, I have to admit.
Its surface looks like a giant piece of knitting “kraus rechts” but it is a structure of bricks with holes in it. Made me laugh actually.






We also took an elevator ride to the top floor with the 360 degree walk around and a generous view over London, and yes the opposite apartment building.
The people living there just recently launched a law suit regarding the violation of their privacy.
I do get their point, but living in a place with floor to ceiling windows, well …

Not to be continued.