I really don’t like Pop Art much.

It is easily digestible from a decoration point of view, printed on mugs, towels and clothes. Art as a mirror of society reflects for me here the utter boredom of consumerism. Yawn, yawn, yawn.

So I don’t know why so many of my pictures end up as such?!?? Surrealism was and is the favourite condition I am always after. André Breton and his L’amour fou was my companion at Uni. Dreams, occasions, objet trouvé and spontaneity determined my existence, still does. It is the root of my art which I have chosen, but alas Pop Art has chosen me.  Hopefully, my surrealistic attempts keeps it at bay, maybe. In Pop Art, James Rosenquist is the only artist whose work I like endlessly, just to end this intro on a positive note.

Overwhelming Landscape  (Slide composition, 2003)
HPOS Unknown Creature (Magazine cut and water, 2006)
Against Each Other (X-Pro, 2004)
Broken Reception (Magazine Composition, 2005)
Entangled (Paper and Light, 2004)
Dark Carousel (Paper and Light, 2007)
More than one reality (Double slide composition, 2004)
Far away, beyond, again (Paper, water and light, 2007)
Bubble Wisdom (Magazine and light, 2008)
Flowers at Hombroich (X-Pro, 2004)
POP01 bildm04
Best motives are always behind you whilst taking pictures (Photogram with slide and peppers, digitally manipulated and re-coloured, 2004)

To be continued.