“Roads are made by walking.”

There are not many sentences which bear a deeper truth. Looking around, the roads we walk are paved, flat and straight. In nature, paths are made by animals walking from water to food to better conditions to breed, sometimes hundreds of kilometres.

The ways on land, we can detect and follow, use them ourselves, however the paths in air and water are only visible by observation. Attaching a device to birds and whales, turtles and other beasts to tell the story of their journeys.

I am walking my dog in the morning and in the evening, during the weeks just around in my area, only at weekends our walks are longer and on different roads.
Twice a day, I also walk about a mile to a meeting point where a colleague picks me up to go to work.

Since I have this smartphone, I take pictures on my walks and many are uploaded to instagram.com/zufallsbekannt
I focus on clouds, nature, objets trouves and traffic, rarely my pets.
Feel free to stalk me there.

Most of my informel and abstract photos are taken “on the run”, very often there is a movement involved, of myself, the dog or I simply move the phone.

Here we have the first batch of walking pictures.