my old friend. Never thought this silence bit would overlap here, but it seems to fit somehow.

Here we are with my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence.


Silence is the absence of sound.
The only moment in my life I experienced the complete absence of any sound was when I spent a holiday in Lanzarote. We drove through the lava rubble fields called “mal pais” which means bad land. Stopped the car on the hard shoulder and got out in the middle of nowhere. Bright sunshine, heat, and after the engine stopped, it was silent. No breeze, no bird song or plants rustling. Nothing. Complete emptiness, no space or time left, just now.

Silence is the absence of words.
We don’t know what to say. A situation so impossible, we lack words. No grab, no understanding, nothing. Death, the great master, teaches us silence. What to say to someone who has to get on, surviving somehow and each death we come across, we die ourselves a bit. Getting older, the worm is ticking anyway, the bell tolls louder every year. We are getting real.

Silence is the absence of anything we normally consider to be a sensation.
Silence is the void in itself. No more answers, no more meaning, just the bare bone of nothing. So silence is the absence of light. Here we are, because sound and words and nothing don’t make a proper photograph. Did I?