Where do come all this landscapes from?

inf07 02 IMG_20180409_212314

inf07 03 IMG_20180409_212318

Dreaming, moving, restless breathing and holding my breath.

inf07 04 IMG_20180409_212319_2

inf07 05 IMG_20180409_212320

It is the sea which rolls eternally, singing its old song?

inf07 06 IMG_20180409_212321_1

inf07 08 IMG_20180409_212321

The waters hide its depths and secrets only the storm may know.

inf07 07 IMG_20180409_212321_2

inf07 01 IMG_20180409_212307

Here we have the camera moving just with my black skirt and a black-and-white striped top. Pictures taken with a mobile phone.